Video Surveillance Services 

MCInc offers a range of services in the Video Surveillance market including:

         Video Surveillance System Design
MCInc will produce a design with recommended layouts and sources.  You purchase and install, leveraging available resources.

         Competitive reviews
Are you required to bid from an approved vendor list but confused by the proposals?  
Do you want a system from one of the national vendors but are puzzled by the conflicting recommendations?  
MCInc will review, compare and contrast your proposals for a fixed fee.

         Install custom systems
MCInc will design and install a system with the latest and best available commercial grade components.  MCInc designs typically feature digital recording, versus slow scan VCR tape recorders, allowing instant access to time indexed events.  With remote access via the Internet, you have the ability to visually monitor your front door or loading dock while you are anywhere in the world.

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